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You wear clothes to express yourself, show a part of you, and discover something about you.

Asharfi is born because of the same idea. It’s a brand created out of a yearning to create and be free. With the same ideals, each piece of Asharfi is made for those who want to discover more of what life can offer. It’s a brand for dreamers and modern gypsies who thrive on being more than who they are.

Sapna Chaudhary
CEO, Designer

This brand is a life journal of Sapna , the founder and designer of Asharfi. Her designs are a product of her life journey and dreams. It’s a translation of everything she hoped for—authenticity, freedom, and creativity.

Like her designs, Sapna’s life is full of colors and wonders. Because of her father’s job, she and her family have to change location thrice a year. A blessing in disguise, it opened her eyes to different cultures and stories of India. She saw how diverse life can be and how fashion always remains a form of expression. So at a young age, she developed a fascination for making clothes, from her mother’s saree and now to Asharfi.

After ten years of experience in the fashion industry, working with different brands and doing a fashion show in the United States of America, Sapna returned to her origin and created Asharfi, a brand founded to pursue self-discovery.


Asharfi is a piece of that self-discovery. After one trip in the mountains and discovering a small village, Kasardevi, she felt magic to start a new sense of creativity. Here, she felt liberated to express herself.

This brand is an extension of that breakthrough and newfound inspiration. It’s a blank canvas for all the wonders she found, stitched and designed into clothing pieces that illustrate a life of enchantment and adventure. Asharfi is for those trying to find magic in the ordinary. With colors and eccentric textiles, carefully designed collections, it’s your escape to a new fashion.


Different, authentic, and conscious.  All Asharfi pieces are designed and stitched with that in mind.

 It uniquely merges different textiles and culture on every piece, creating distinct clothes with its own fashion identity. It’s not merely a fusion of fabrics and patterns but a weaving of stories.

Each clothing piece is designed with genuine intention to provide excellent quality clothes without sacrificing empathy and compassion. It’s a statement against a system that forsakes nature, people, and creativity; hence every piece of Asharfi is handmade and tailored with love by local artisans.

Asharfi believes in the importance of conscious clothing. As a brand, it’s a way of redefining how things are always done—manufactured, mass-produced, and fast. Asharfi values the artistry of doing everything carefully, from selecting local textile and stitching each pattern with passion. Because with a slow fashion, you’ll discover something new—a new style.

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